Let’s face it. We don’t think much about our doors. We open them, close them, and sometimes forget to lock them when leaving the house. But the right door can not only add to your home or business’s curb appeal; it can provide some real safety benefits for you and your family.


Impact doors are a growing home enhancement, often a companion to impact window installations. The two share the same important benefits – unique durability in severe weather. Both impact windows and doors use glass elements already utilized for decades by the automotive industry in windshields.

Impact doors, often featuring large, beautiful glass panes, are designed using that same technique of taking two thick layers of glass bound together using ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

These chemicals create a “spider web” pattern when cracked under extreme pressure instead of causing a shatter effect. This protects your property’s interior by preventing projectiles from entering your home and causing further damage during violent weather.


Impact windows and doors were designed with a very important main function – defending your property from the disastrous effects of severe weather. While it is a good idea to invest in storm-proof enhancements, especially if you deal with hurricanes in the Miami area, plywood covers or metal bars don’t provide the same range of benefits!

Impact doors don’t just protect your home – they also provide multiple ancillary benefits for you and your family.

Severe Weather Protection

  • While windows or roofing may seem like more important focus areas when preparing for dangerous storms, hurricane-rated doors can withstand winds in excess of 100 mph!
  • For residents of South Florida, who have seen more than 40 hurricanes make landfall since 1951, having doors that will withstand deadly winds and airborne projectiles outside is a must for protecting everything inside.
  • Impact doors at Alco are manufactured with tight and strong aluminum, vinyl, or wooden frames to ensure the best defense in bad weather!

Energy Savings

  • Saving money on utilities is an added benefit for any property renovation, and impact doors will pay you back many times over their lifecycle.
  • With layers of foam making up the core of most impact doors, you can expect insulation up to six times greater than wood doors.
  • Utility bills can build up quickly, so installing one of our products not only protects you against the elements but protects your wallet from the electric company as well.

Noise Reduction

  • Another benefit of impact windows is a considerable level of noise reduction from outside sources.
  • Because these products are constructed with multiple layers of composite material, they act as a buffer between your home and the outside world. This can make living near a busy highway or loud neighbors more tolerable.

Improved Security

  • Doors don’t just need to protect from the elements, they also need to be able to withstand intrusion from humans too.
  • To provide the best security for your property, impact doors are a smart investment. Frames are constructed with reinforced layers to prevent blunt force break-ins, and glass panes on any door designs contain an inner membrane that prevents the glass from shattering and flying into your home.
  • You can sleep soundly knowing extra security is working for you.

Insurance Reductions

  • Impact doors can even be beneficial when it comes to saving money on property insurance. Certain companies see impact doors as a reliable protection system and can help reduce your payment.

UV Rays Protection

  • Another benefit that impact doors offer is protection from the sun – more specifically, deadly UV rays. These are greatly reduced when impact doors are installed in your home and keep the sun from destroying interior belongings such as furniture, drapes, flooring, and more.

An investment in impact doors isn’t just for peace of mind during severe weather. You can benefit in multiple ways – all with the end benefit of saving you money. Learn more by checking out our blog post on the multiple benefits of impact doors.


Impact doors are designed with safety in mind. But they also are created to look beautiful too. No matter the unique style of your home, you can choose from several different types of doors to enhance your curb appeal. Here’s a breakdown of the three most popular ones with impact door customers.

Patio Doors

  • Impact-resistant doors come in all shapes and styles and can be customized to fit your home and budget perfectly. Patio doors are a good place to start for people in coastal climates who understandably like spending time outdoors.
  • Impact-resistant patio doors come with the same game-changing laminated inner layer as impact-resistant windows, which means any flying debris are stopped in their tracks. This inner laminate layer is built so that a “spider” pattern is created if something large so happens to collide into it, preventing a ton of dangerous, fractured tiny shards from coming into your home.
  • Impact-resistant patio doors also instantly add beauty to your home and let in natural light. Added benefit? Today’s patio doors are also typically energy efficient.

French Doors

  • Many people are pleasantly surprised to hear that French doors, or swing doors, can also be impact resistant. Even though French doors are designed with glass running along the length of the door, they can be customized as impact-resistant doors by using the right kind of laminated glass.
  • These types of doors open out on a hinge rather than sliding sideways on a track and are perfect for lending a touch of elegance to your home and letting in tons of natural light. Learn more about how your entryway can better complement your new impact door.

Sliding Glass Doors

  • These kinds of doors work really well when you’re going from the outdoors to a den or sunroom. Sliding glass doors typically come with an aluminum or a vinyl base.
  • Impact-resistant sliding glass doors are also ideal for condo units in areas prone to heavy winds. What better way to walk out onto your balcony while still getting 24/7 protection against the elements?
  • To discover even more styles available for your property, check out our guide on popular impact door designs.

When it comes to impact door manufacturers, there are a handful of trusted names you should consider when making purchasing decisions. Not all doors are created equal – choosing one from a trusted, certified company will ensure your product does what it’s intended to do! Some of the most trusted impact door manufacturers include:

PGT Custom Windows & Doors

  • PGT offers impact doors that are stylish, energy efficient, and modern. Working with building officials in Miami-Dade, their products meet local requirements across the southern gulf. Their options include aluminum sliding glass doors, aluminum or vinyl French doors, and aluminum cabana doors. With various styles and finishes, PGT doors work in nearly any home design, including contemporary decorating styles. See their history and product line at pgtwindows.com.

CGI Windows & Doors

  • CGI is located in Florida and manufactures its products to meet impact and pressure requirements. Their doors include French doors, entrance doors, and sliding glass door designs. Product lines such as 450 give a more modern look and feel, while the Estate line is noted for its luxury. CGI’s various lines offer several customization options such as finishes, glass colors, and design choices. See their history and product line at cgiwindows.com.

Mr. Glass Windows & Doors

  • Mr. Glass is well recognized in the industry for their windows and doors and sells their products to both residential and business customers. Their door products include commercial doors, French doors, and sliding glass doors. Mr. Glass doors are certified for both small and large missile impact, and their doors meet HVHZ testing requirements.
  • Mr. Glass specializes in impact resistant doors, windows, and even garage doors, using multi-layered glass with a PVB interlayer. Energy efficient and with several different options for colors, frames, and patterns available Eco offers impact doors in French, Bi-fold, sliding, and garage door designs. See their history and product line at mrglasswindows.com.


If you’re considering an impact door upgrade to your home or other property, a healthy understanding of the potential price range and cost factors for the improvement is critical.

There are some key factors you should consider when calculating the price of your potential impact door project. Keep in mind the following:

Material Costs

  • Usually, the first test is air filtration. It is simulated to measure the pressure on the windows. Air filtration pressure alone does not affect the pressure rating of the window.


  • Mr. Glass is a premium impact window and door manufacturer that specializes in providing extended value throughout the entire life cycle of all of its products.
  • Because Mr. Glass is based in Miami, Florida it understands the importance of providing commercial and residential windows that can withstand the impact of debris and hurricane-caliber winds.
  • A trusted supplier of Alco, Mr. Glass can fulfill virtually any size or type of residential or commercial order. They remain synonymous with quality and have a huge fleet of vehicles, which is perhaps why Mr. Glass is the manufacturer of choice for impact window and glass distributors in South Florida.
  • To learn more about Mr. Glass, check out our guide on the company’s impact window line.

Installation Complications

  • Eco Windows has built a solid reputation for carrying a vast selection of impact windows, capable of facing any natural disaster. Their windows are made and designed to fit large openings, in additional to traditional property sizes. Their products are also known for being “design forward” with a variety of exceptional appearances.
  • To learn more about Eco Window Systems, check out our guide on the company’s impact window line.

Project Scheduling

  • Eco Windows has built a solid reputation for carrying a vast selection of impact windows, capable of facing any natural disaster. Their windows are made and designed to fit large openings, in additional to traditional property sizes. Their products are also known for being “design forward” with a variety of exceptional appearances.
  • To learn more about Eco Window Systems, check out our guide on the company’s impact window line

Overall, the cost of installing an impact door in a popular style, without custom orders or expensive material choices, should end up costing between $2400 and $3000. Complications, labor shortages, and custom orders can cause these numbers to climb significantly though. Check out Alco’s complete guide on impact door costs.


Will your impact door installation be a DIY project or professional hand-off? The question important to consider! Depending on your skill level, doing a self-install may save you quite a bit of money. If your property has any potential for surprises – say it’s an older construction, you may want to consider the total costs of any potential headaches. After all, time is money! To help navigate the main differences between hiring a professional installer and buying from a big box store like Home Depot, see the walkthrough on Alco’s blog.

If you’ve made the decision to hire a professional installer, You’ll have several options – especially if you live in South Florida! And competition is a good thing for the customer!

To make sure you’re getting the best deal (and not just the lowest price) it’s important to ask the right questions when screening companies. Consider discussing the following:

  • Do you cover permitting, certifications, and other qualification responsibilities?
  • How much experience do you have as an impact door installer?
  • What sort of home protection and clean-up procedures do you follow?

Asking the right questions now can save you a world of headache later! Finding the right installer can be the difference between a timely install and a nightmare experience. See our guide on questions to ask potential impact window installers to make sure you make the right choice!


So If you are looking for a smart investment to increase the beauty, safety, and value of your property give Alco Windows & Doors a call. They are a local business committed to improving communities in the South Florida area.

Buying impact doors and windows in Miami has never been this easy! Sit back, relax, and let the Alco Windows and Doors team provide the service you need.