Purchasing impact windows in Miami is an amazing investment for homeowners. These hurricane-ready products provide you superior storm protection while also improving the energy efficiency of your home.

However, getting the best deal on an impact-resistant windows is about more than price! A REAL bargain includes:

  • A low price
  • Superior product quality
  • Pristine installation quality
  • An iron-clad warranty offer

Not every installer offers this complete package! Before settling for the wrong deal, it's a good idea to conduct proper research! Make sure you install the right impact-resistant windows and doors for your Miami Dade home - and our guide can help!

BEFORE YOU START: Buying Impact Windows Shouldn’t be Intimidating!

Choosing to buy impact windows in Miami is often an intimidating process for homeowners. Trying to find the right installer for your home isn't easy due to the wide range of options in South Florida.

One way to reduce the number of available installers is to check out online reviews from previous customers. These online reviews can usually help you determine if an installer is a good fit for impact window installation or if you need to continue looking elsewhere.

Finding installers with the proper licenses and certifications is also important to ensure the job is done right. Asking for a few references from your friends and family is also helpful in narrowing down your available options.

Taking the extra time to find the highest quality of contractors in Miami Dade is essential for anyone investing in hurricane-resistant windows. These hurricane-proof windows play a vital role in protecting your home, as you will want to hire a contractor that specializes in impact windows in Miami.


Miami Dade County has a long history of severe weather. Hurricanes remain a constant threat each year, as they can cause massive damage to all types of homes. Hurricane Andrew in 1992 was one of the most destructive Category 5 hurricanes that resulted in over $27 billion in damages throughout South Florida. The impact of Hurricane Andrew resulted in the creation of stricter building codes to better withstand the destructive forces of hurricanes.

On average, Miami is impacted by a hurricane every 1.94 years, as installing impact windows is essential to protect your home against these natural disasters. Staying proactive by installing hurricane-proof windows is critical in giving your South Florida home the best protection against severe weather.

Impact windows are designed to withstand the impact of flying debris, and they will not shatter inside of your home due to the use of laminated glass. Following reliable hurricane safety tips is also important in limiting damages.


Purchasing impact windows for your home is an important investment that offers a wide range of benefits. These hurricane-proof products give you the best protection against severe weather, and you can choose from a wide variety of styles to boost the curb appeal of your home.

Impact window installation is also a great way to reduce the damage of UV rays while significantly reducing outside noise. You can always relax in your home without constantly hearing noisy neighbors or the sounds from a busy highway.


  1. Limit the Growing Danger of Severe Weather
    One of the biggest advantages of hurricane-resistant windows is that it provides you with additional protection against severe weather. Hurricane impact windows are specially designed and tested to withstand flying debris from category five hurricanes.
    Investing in impact-resistant windows and doors throughout your house will also help you stay in compliance with local building codes. Severe weather will only continue to become a growing danger in South Florida, as hurricane-resistant windows and doors are always a worthwhile investment.
  2. Cash in on Miami's Ever-Growing Population
    The population in Miami continues to grow at a rapid rate. Living in Miami offers many benefits, such as the sunny weather, plenty of beaches, and countless activities. However, one of the main drawbacks for anyone living in South Florida is the constant threat of hurricanes.
    Investing in impact windows will keep you much safer while making it much easier to sell your home in the future. Impact windows can significantly boost the value of your house, which is especially important if you ever plan to sell it.
  3. Plywood & Shutters Often Lead to Medical Bills
    Many people make the mistake of always waiting until the last minute to prepare for a hurricane. Putting up shutters or plywood to cover your windows is a time-consuming task that doesn't offer near as much protection as impact glass. Using plywood or shutters can often lead to medical bills, as they will fly off your home due to excessive winds. All of this flying debris creates a significant danger to you and your neighbors.
  4. Protect Your Home from Break-Ins
    Dealing with home break-ins is always a scary experience that creates significant dangers for you and your loved ones. These break-ins can happen at any time, whether it's in the middle of the night while you are sleeping or if you are away from your house at work.
    One way to limit the chance of a successful break-in is to install impact windows and doors throughout your home. These impact products are designed to be shatterproof, which makes it much more challenging for criminals to break into your home. Most criminals will often give up and choose an easier target, which helps to keep you and your family safe.
  5. Lower Your Utility Costs
    An additional benefit of impact windows is that they will help to lower your energy costs.
    These impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to keep the hot air out of your home during the summer while retaining the warm air in the winter season. Each impact replacement window uses laminated glass that's coated with LoE to allow natural light to enter your home without absorbing a significant amount of short-wave heat energy.
    Ultimately, this results in a much lower utility bill each month while making it much easier to keep your house feeling comfortable.
  6. It's the Easiest Way to Meet Code Requirements
    Miami Dade County has one of the most stringent building code requirements in the country. All new construction must follow these codes to give your home the best protection against hurricane-force winds.
    Unfortunately, many older homes are not up to code, which creates significant safety risks. Replacing your existing windows and doors with impact products is one of the most effective ways to meet local building code requirements while also giving you peace of mind during the next hurricane.


Not all impact windows in Miami are created equal. Each replacement window has different ratings for performance grade and design pressure. Making sure these windows are certified by an independent third party is important to ensure they offer the best protection against hurricanes and severe weather.

Doing your research in advance and reaching out to a trusted contractor is the most reliable way to determine which impact windows are best suited for your home.


  1. DP Ratings
    The Design Pressure rating represents the capability of withstanding wind pressure. DP ratings include three different criteria, which are air infiltration, water infiltration, and structural load.
    A higher rating gives you the best protection against hurricanes. Generally, it's recommended to install impact windows with a 50 DP rating, as this gives you protection against category five hurricane-force winds.
  2. PG Ratings
    The Performance Grade rating for impact windows will help you determine their ability to withstand wind pressure. Typically, PG ratings will range anywhere from 15 to 70 for windows.
    Hurricane impact windows often have a much higher PG rating compared to traditional windows. A window will be assigned a PG rating once it successfully passes six performance tests. The PG rating system is newer than DP ratings, and it's much more strict.
  3. ASTM Certification
    The American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) uses a standard test method to measure the performance of exterior windows and doors in hurricane-prone locations. An impact window must undergo various tests to become ASTM certified.
    These tests are based on the wind zone location of an area. Contractors must also follow specific steps during the installation process to ensure your home receives the highest level of protection against hurricanes.
  4. Additional Testing Measures
    Miami Dade County is especially prone to hurricanes, as these impact windows must undergo additional testing. This additional test focuses on impact resistance, as a 2×4 piece of wood is fired twice to see if an impact window can withstand such an impact.
    Passing this test is essential for impact windows in Miami due to the constant danger of flying debris during a hurricane.

An Easy Way to Understand Impact Window Ratings

The ratings for impact windows vary due to different needs in a region. For example, a homeowner in Rhode Island may only be interested in installing impact windows due to their energy efficiency while someone living in Florida needs additional protection against hurricanes.

The easiest way to understand ratings is to look for a DP rating of 50, as this correlates with a category 5 hurricane, which means it can withstand winds up to 157 MPH. Always reviewing the ratings of windows beforehand is important before making a purchase.


Staying protected against hurricanes is a top priority for anyone living in South Florida, as impact windows are uniquely designed to withstand the impact of flying debris from severe weather. These hurricane-resistant windows can handle heavy impact without fracturing or breaking apart into a thousand pieces.

Exterior tempered glass improves energy efficiency, while the interior heat strengthened glass provides your window with additional support to withstand flying debris or break-in attempts. A clear SGP or PVB interlayer prevents the glass from shattering, which is the same material used in car windshields. The space between both panes of glass is filled with argon gas to provide superior insulation.

Impact-resistant windows and doors must undergo an extensive testing process to ensure they can withstand severe weather conditions. Installing impact glass throughout your house gives you the best protection against hurricanes, whether you need it for windows or a sliding glass door. Many times you can decrease your insurance premium by getting impact products installed for all of your windows and doors.


Understanding the average cost of impact windows is always a good idea to help you avoid going over budget. The industry average for impact windows ranges between $40 to $60 per square foot.

Typically, it will cost around $795 for installing a single-hung impact window, while a double-hung window costs around $1,025. You can also choose from a variety of other window styles, whether it's casement windows, picture windows, architectural windows, or horizontal roller windows.

One of the advantages of using impact windows in Miami is that it will help to reduce your energy bill. Improving energy efficiency is especially important due to the hot and humid weather in South Florida.

According to EnergyStar, you can save up to $435 each year by replacing your single-pane windows with double-pane windows. Impact windows can also reduce your insurance premiums in half due to their innovative design.


Choosing the right manufacturer of impact windows is an important decision. Doing some research in advance is always a good idea. A few of the most popular window manufacturers include PGT, MR. Glass, Eco Window Systems, and ESWindows.

  1. PGT Custom Windows + Doors
    Has a solid reputation in the industry for keeping homes well-protected against extreme weather conditions. Eco Window Systems is another popular manufacturer, as they offer a vast selection of impact windows. Others prefer ESWindows due to their variety of styles that can further boost the value of your home
  2. Mr. Glass Doors & Windows
    Mr. Glass is another premium impact window manufacturer providing the highest quality of protection against hurricane-force winds. You can choose from an almost countless variety of styles and sizes, as Mr. Glass is a trusted supplier for Alco Windows and Doors.
    Mr. Glass is known for producing top-quality windows, which is why they are the manufacturer of choice at Alco for installing impact windows in Miami.


  • Avoiding a few products is a good idea for anyone living in Miami. For example, using insulated glass windows will attract unnecessary heat and raise your utility bill. Fog will often get trapped inside insulated glass windows if the inner seal is broken. These windows are nearly impossible to repair, which is never a cost-effective option for homeowners.
  • Vinyl frames should also be avoided for anyone living in South Florida. You can only choose from a small selection of colors and styles, which makes it much more difficult to match the design of your home. Direct sunlight exposure will often cause vinyl frames to fade over time, which gives them a dull appearance and it decreases the visual appeal of your house.


Understanding the secrets for finding the best deal on impact windows is essential for homeowners. Learning as much as you can about impact windows while scheduling several consultations is always a good idea. Asking for recommendations and proof of certifications is also important to ensure you are satisfied with the final results.

Comparing warranty promises and paying attention to the materials delivery estimate is critical to avoid any delays. You can often get a discount by allowing a contractor to put a sign in your yard for a set period of time. Scheduling a final walkthrough is the last step to ensure you are happy with the finished product.

Here is a more in-depth view of following these steps to get the best deal available for impact windows in Miami.

Read Our Impact Windows Guide

Checking out an impact windows guide is always a smart option to learn more information about installing these windows in your South Florida home. Understanding the numerous benefits of impact windows is a major selling point for homeowners. Choosing the right manufacturers is also important to ensure you are well-satisfied with your purchase. Keeping your windows well-maintained will even further increase their lifespan and maximize the curb appeal of your home.

Schedule Multiple Consultations

Only reaching out to one contractor for impact windows in Miami isn't a wise decision. Instead, it's always a good idea to schedule multiple consultations to help you find a top-quality contractor at an affordable price. Comparing multiple bids will allow you to understand the average cost of installing impact windows by breaking down the differences in costs between materials, permit, and labor.

Get Contact Info For Other Satisfied Customers and Reach Out

One of the easiest ways to determine if a contractor is the right hire is by reaching out to previous customers. These clients can play a key role in helping you understand if a contractor is worth hiring for installing impact windows in Miami or if you need to keep looking elsewhere. Checking out the Better Business Bureau is always helpful in finding a top-quality installer.

Ask For Proof Of Certifications

Using a contractor without proof of certifications is always a major risk for homeowners. Poorly installed windows can cost you a lot more money in the long run while also creating significant safety concerns. Using certified installers is the safest option to ensure everything is done correctly and that you will be satisfied with your impact windows for many years.

Check Warranty Promises

Comparing the various warranty promises between companies is always a good idea before you make a final decision. Many warranties will offer labor free of charge for repairing or replacing a product that's deemed defective due to faulty manufacturing. Warranty exceptions may include damages due to neglect, misuse, abuse, or vandalism. Understanding the warranty promises is always important before signing a contract for installing impact windows.

ALWAYS Ask For This Discount

An often overlooked way to receive a discount during the installation of impact windows is to allow a company to place a sign in your yard for a period of time. Including this sign in your yard provides a valuable marketing opportunity for the installer while also helping you receive a discount. Ultimately, taking advantage of this discount is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Pay Attention To Materials Delivery Estimates

Meeting tight deadlines is a common reality for anyone in the construction industry. Falling behind on a deadline can cost you money while also impacting everyone else working on a new home. Always paying attention to materials delivery estimates is a good idea to ensure everything remains on schedule. If you notice any issues, reaching out to an impact window installer is important to make any delivery changes.

Schedule A Follow-Up Walkthrough After The Job Is Done

Scheduling a follow-up after the job is complete is always important for homeowners. A follow-up walkthrough can identity any damages during the installation process while ensuring everything is completed to exact specifications. A top-quality contractor will repair any damages free of charge, whether it's stucco, drywall, or flooring. A walkthrough is also a great time to ask any final questions about hurricane impact windows.


You can choose from several financing options for purchasing impact windows. Ygrene Financing is an excellent option for many people due to its low fixed rates and no upfront expenses. You also don't have to worry about any prepayment penalties. Ygrene Financing isn't a loan or discount program, as it's an assessment of your property that's repaid each year with your property taxes. These approvals are based mainly on home equity.

  • The Florida PACE program works with several different programs in helping homeowners upgrade to impact windows. PACE offers a long-term fixed rate for financing installations. Usually, PACE financing will cover all of the materials and the installation cost upfront with a 20 to a 30-year term at a low-interest rate.
  • Hearth Financing also provides affordable loans for installing impact windows and doors. One of the advantages of Hearth Financing is that you can receive funds quickly, which is especially beneficial during emergencies. You won't hurt your credit score by using Hearth Financing, and they will compare multiple lending options to ensure you receive the best rate available.
  • GreenSky Programs offers low-interest loans for investing in home improvement projects in the state of Florida. The fast funding process and deferred interest are a few of the main benefits of using the GreenSky Programs. A reduced-rate loan is also available if you need more time to pay back your loan.

10. For the Best Deal, Trust Alco Windows & Doors

Alco Windows and Doors is one of the leading installers of impact windows in Miami. Our team members are happy to present our products and discuss the many advantages of installing impact windows in your home. You will receive a quote on the day of your inspection, as we offer a detailed cost breakdown for you to review before you sign a contract.

One of our installation experts will remeasure your windows and place an order while keeping you up to date on the progress. Afterward, you will receive detailed instructions on how to prepare your property, as we will cover your furniture and flooring to avoid any damages. The final stage is an inspection and walkthrough to ensure the installation was done correctly and that you are satisfied with the results.

Our lifetime guarantee includes waterproofing, home inspection, screen repair on mesh, and we will cover the install costs of your window if it's damaged. Our team at Alco has over thirty years of combined experience in the industry, as we take pride in always producing top-quality work.

We are a small local business that's veteran and family-owned, as we value making connections with members within our community.

Give Alco Windows and Doors a phone call today to learn more about installing impact windows in Miami!