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PRODUCT: Impact Doors


CLIENT: William Avila


William is a condo owner in Miami who needed to upgrade both his front door and patio sliding doors. Miami is a city that deals with frequent tropical storms and hurricanes, and will’s Condo is located right on the coast. Having doors that provide sufficient protection from severe weather is a must.

His condo was in need of an upgrade before hurricane season rolled around. Both doors were almost 40 years old, so a change we needed – and soon! Will soon learned his best option for addressing a host of issues at his residence was to install impact doors.



Will and his wife knew the time had come to upgrade their doors. With almost four decades of wear, their home entrances suffered from a wide range of issues. The wood was warped, leaving an ugly aesthetic. The warping also prevented the door from properly sealing, allowing warm air in and cold air out. Security was constantly a concern as well, as the aged wood left almost no barrier between them and an outside break-in attempt.

Having several other residences on their level, the noise was always a factor, especially at night. Whenever friends or family came to visit, Will and his wife were embarrassed with the ugly first impression their guests received.


“Another factor that was important to us was security. The doors were older – a wooden model and much easier to break into. It was a constant worry for us.”


After interviewing several impact window installers, Will went with a company recommended by a friend. He soon learned this “connection” was slow to respond and provided little in the way of important renovation details.

After paying a deposit and waiting several weeks, the company stopped responding all together. Left with a project still unfinished and less money in his bank account. Will started over and began conducting research on the internet.


Will began looking for impact window installers in his area and noticed the highest-rated one on Yelp and Google – Alco Windows & Doors. The reviews were numerous about the low-pressure consultations, frequent updates, and on-time renovation completions.

Will was also impressed with Alco’s website, complete with numerous articles outlining answers to all of his questions about impact doors. He was easily able to locate and confirm the company was licensed and insured.

As a member of the US Armed Forces, Will was happy to learn the owner of the company, Luis Alvarez, was a Marine who served his country overseas. Knowing his installer came from a disciplined, detail-oriented background was another huge selling point.

After conducting research online and contacting reviewers, Will scheduled an in-person consultation with Luis, the company owner. He found the meeting to indeed be a low-pressure and informative. Will decided to move forward with hiring Alco for his impact doors installation project.


“That was a big plus for us – that they had all their information online for us to see. When we contacted them, they replied right away and we were just really impressed with the attention we received.”



Will has reported complete satisfaction with the entire installation process. His new doors have provided a wide array of benefits, such as:


  • Noticeable Noise Reduction “Now that the doors had been installed, there’s been a huge reduction in noise.”
  • Huge Insurance Savings “We got almost a 60% decrease in our homeowners insurance after installing impact doors.”
  • Peace of Mind “I know I have a sturdier door that can withstand hurricane winds and isn’t going to be kicked in easily.”
  • Minimal Maintenance “The sliding doors are very easy to clean. I just use a cloth and a simple cleaner. We just wipe it and everything comes right off.”
  • Better Looks, Better Value “I guess the biggest benefit of it all is that these doors increase my home’s value overall. They look great, and we get compliments now whenever friends see the new additions.”
  • Homeowner’s Association Assistance “Whenever we do work in our units, we need to go through a review process. Alco actually worked with my association and handled the permitting process.”


“I would highly recommend Alco for anyone’s impact door needs. It was a great experience. The work was executed flawlessly. They have a great team – very professional. ”


At Alco Windows and Doors, we know that your home is your biggest investment. We recognize that protecting your family and property is a priority for you and many other Floridians. We offer solutions focused on what you need because your satisfaction comes first.

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