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Product Questions

What are hurricane impact windows and doors?

Hurricane impact windows are products specifically designed to withstand damages caused by severe storms. Impact windows and doors are tested to withstand winds from 210 to 390 miles per hour. These products can also prevent damage caused by flying debris due to strong winds. 

Impact windows don’t just protect your home from dangerous weather. These items also provide several ancillary benefits to improve the comfort and value of your property. Read more about these benefits here.

Why should I use hurricane-resistant products in my home?

Severe storms can strike at any time! Traditional windows won’t stop severe damage from hitting your property.  

Hurricane impact windows and doors are the future of Miami home protection. They play a vital role in protecting your home from severe storms. Installing hurricane windows in Miami is a wise investment to keep your family safe and improve your home's value. Learn more about the benefits of these products in this guide.

What are some things to consider when deciding if impact windows are right for me?

When you are evaluating hurricane protection options such as impact windows versus shutters or non-impact products, there are several factors you should consider:

  1. Do you live in the home year-round? If not, who will put up the shutters when you are not there?
  2. Are you physically capable of installing the shutters by yourself? Are you likely to put the shutters up if a storm comes?
  3. Do you like the look of roll-down or accordion shutters mounted to the exterior of your house?
  4. Is energy efficiency important to you? Shutter systems do not provide you with energy savings like impact-resistant windows and doors.
  5. How important is home security to you? Unlike shutters, impact-resistant windows and doors provide 24/7 protection against intrusion.
  6. Do you have to endure intrusive outside noise? With impact windows and doors you will enjoy a significant reduction in outside noise and 99% of ultraviolet rays will be eliminated.
  7. What about safety? Oftentimes shutters remain installed after a hurricane, blocking egress in the event of a fire. Also, during a hurricane closed shutters block outside light and visibility.
  8. Consider what happens if a shutter fails. If glass behind the shutter breaks, possibly resulting in a catastrophic building failure due to wind, rain and flood damage.
  9. Leaving the shutters up while gone may invite potential burglars due to the property looking vacant and vulnerable to theft.
What makes impact windows and doors energy efficient?

Impact products feature glass consisting of a strong, laminated interlayer bonded between two panes of annealed, heat-strengthened, or tempered glass. These lead to superior protection but also result in superior insulation for your property.

The U.S Department of Energy estimates you can save approximately $125 - $465 a year by replacing single-pane windows with energy-star-rated products like impact windows and doors.

Adding the Low-E option on impact windows and doors can further improve energy efficiency by drastically reducing the transfer of heat in and out of the home.

Learn more about the energy efficiency of impact windows in this blog post.

Can impact windows and doors reduce exterior noise?

Absolutely. Impact windows and doors can provide a substantial noise reduction. Impact windows and doors are an ideal solution if you have concerns about noise pollution around your property like traffic, loud neighbors, schools/ parks, etc.

Can’t I just use shutters for protecting my home during severe storms?

It depends on how much you want to simplify the process. Impact products do not need shutters. They are, on their own, hurricane protection products. Installing them saves you money, labor, and precious time when a severe storm is approaching. 

Learn more about the main differences between both options with our full comparison.

Which is better? Vinyl or aluminum frames for my impact windows?

Alco recommends investing in aluminum window frames for your home. You always want to balance both strength and longevity when installing window frames, and aluminum is the best balance of the two. 

The heat transfer from the metal frames only has a negligent impact on heating your home, as you won't have to worry about a significant increase in your utility bills. Learn more about the differences between the two options here.

Do your products meet HVHZ requirements?

Our entire line of products both meet AND exceed HVHZ requirements. if you live in Miami-Dade or Broward counties and install impact products on your property, they must meet HVHZ requirements. That’s why it’s so important to work with a trusted installer like Alco Windows and Doors.

Learn more about Florida’s building code requirements with our handy guide.

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Purchasing Impact Products

How can I be sure the impact windows and doors I am purchasing are impact-resistant products?

It is the Notice Of Acceptance (NOA) issued by Miami-Dade County that certifies a product as impact resistant. Look for the label for the product to see how long that certification will last. 

The NOA also provides information on dimensions, parts, materials, accessories, and installation guidelines for a product. You can download a copy of the NOA from the Miami-Dade County here.

There is also a sticker located on every window and door frame containing product approval. It is important to NOT remove these stickers because they are useful to identify your products and to qualify for insurance discounts.

What styles of windows and doors does Alco offer?

ALCO Windows and Doors carries a full line of window and door products for residential and commercial properties. 

In windows, we offer single-hung, double-hung, picture/fixed, casement, horizontal rolling, awning/project out, arched windows, and a variety of custom-shaped windows are available.

With doors, we offer sliding glass doors, french doors, entry doors, metal doors, steel doors, fiberglass doors, bifold doors, traditional and custom garage doors. 

Automatic entry doors and commercial doors options are available as well.

Do you have a place where I can actually see and interact with the product options in person?

Yes! We have a full showroom located in Palmetto Bay where you can see our latest products. The address is:


14301 S Dixie Hwy

Miami, FL 33176

Can I receive a tax credit for installing impact windows and doors?

You may qualify for tax credits if they are available. You will need to contact a financial consultant to discuss if you are eligible for any credits.

Can I receive a wind mitigation discount on my insurance?

Yes, if all openings are protected. Typically to qualify for wind mitigation discounts, all openings must have HVHZ protection. Always make sure to contact your insurance provider directly for more information.

What is included in your Lifetime Guarantee?

Our Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee includes:

  • Lifetime Waterproofing Guarantee
  • Screen Repair Guarantee*
  • Lifetime Home Inspection
  • Lifetime Glass Replacement Service**

* Screen Repair includes mesh only. Screens must be dropped off at ALCO Windows & Doors.

** Glass not included for Replacement Service. Only Installation. Exclusive to Buyer.

(CGC1526312 Revised on 10/20)

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we offer financing through Ygrene, Renew, and Greensky. Read more about your options with our full guide

Do you offer any incentives for referring others to your company?

Yes! We offer $500 to spend any way you like when you refer a new customer to Alco Windows and Doors! Learn more about our referral program here.

Is there anything I can do to speed up theHOA approval so I can get my installation started?

One of the main items that slow down HOA approval is acquiring what’s known as the “architectural form” or ARC. We cannot continue the installation process until this form is complete. 

While we contact your HOA to obtain these documents for you, you can help by doing the same. Call and request a copy of the ARC as soon as possible. Once you obtain a copy, email it to us at

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The Installation Process

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes! Our experienced consultants can come to your property and assess your unique needs. Our approach is low-pressure and focused on listening and educating. We also offer a virtual consultation! Contact us to set up details

Are the installers your own employees? Or are they sub-contracted from another company?

ALCO Windows and Doors employ our own skilled installation team who are trained and supervised by in-house managers. Having a close-knit team means we complete every installation with quality workmanship that matches our commitment to excellence.

Are your installers all licensed and certified?

Yes, we carry full General Liability and Worker Compensation Insurance.

How long will it take to receive the impact window and door products once I sign a contract with Alco?

Once the contract is signed, within the following week, our installation supervisor will come out to remeasure to confirm the measurements and order details. 

When that is accomplished, the order will be submitted to the manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer and the time of year, lead times can be 6-8 weeks or 10-12 weeks. This variance depends on how close we are to hurricane season and the influx of orders that the manufacturers have in its pipeline. There are unforeseen conditions that may occur which can affect our lead times.

How long does installation take?

Depending on the number of openings, an installation may take from 1- 5 days. After the installation is complete, we call for final inspection and the process is complete.

Do you take steps to protect my home during the installation process?

Our service professionals take specific preparation steps to ensure your property’s safety during installation, including: 

  • Wearing floor savers over footwear to make sure dust or debris doesn’t ruin the flooring.
  • Laying down protective coverings over flooring and work furniture near work areas to prevent damage and dust accumulation.
  • Using vacuums to collect dust as we work, including during any drilling or demolition tasks.
  • Setting up protective screens to keep non-renovation areas from being exposed to outdoor elements. 
  • Conducting a full clean-up of work areas once a project is completed.
Do you replace the wood bucks when reinstalling new impact windows and doors?

Yes, our highly skilled installation team will replace the wood bucks around each opening to meet the Florida building code requirements.

Do you remove shutter tracks on all windows and doors for traditional shutter panels and fill in all holes left behind?

Yes, if requested, we will remove the hurricane shutters (accordion and traditional), fill the holes and haul them away for you. Painting is NOT INCLUDED in this service.

I need to get a permit from my building department/ HOA to have any work done. Who handles that process?

With a full staff, Alco Windows and Doors will expedite the permitting process for you. We will have your permit in hand prior to your window and door order fulfillment and will handle all the communication and paperwork.

If I have an issue after installation, what do I do?

Alco Windows and Doors has a full installation and service team to respond to your request. Contact us and we’ll chart a resolution as quickly as possible.

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