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When is hurricane season?

On the east coast, hurricane season is from June 1 through November 30th. In the Atlantic, hurricanes generally occur in August, September, and October.

What are hurricane impact windows and doors?

Hurricane impact windows are windows that have been engineered, tested, and manufactured to withstand a hurricane. impact windows are tested to withstand winds from to 210 to 390 miles per hour and flying debris damaged caused by hurricanes wind. These are windows and doors that combine heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant laminated glass. The laminated glass is built with a PVB interlayer, sealed between two layers of glass, which allows for strong binding, optical clarity, and tough adhesion.

Why should I use hurricane resistant products my home?

Installing Hurricane impact products ensures that your property’s openings are up to date as per the Florida building code. These codes are mandated to ensure that new homes being built and those being remodeled have the best and safest building products available. When you choose to install your hurricane-resistant impact windows and doors you can be certain that the products you purchase meet and exceed the Florida Building Codes. Our impact resistant products ensure that your home is properly protected 365 days of the year, no matter the weather.

Here are some things to consider when deciding about impact windows for your home:

When you are evaluating hurricane protection options such as impact windows versus shutters or non-impact products, there are several factors you should consider:

1. Do you live in the home year round? If not, who will put up the shutters when you are not there?

2. Are you physically capable of installing the shutters by yourself? Are you likely to put the shutters up if a storm comes?

3. Do you like the look of roll-down or accordion shutters mounted to the exterior of your house?

4. Is energy efficiency important to you? Shutter systems do not provide you with energy savings like impact-resistant windows and doors.

5. How important is home security to you? Unlike shutters, impact-resistant windows and doors provide 24/7 protection against intrusion.

6. Do you have to endure intrusive outside noise? With impact windows and doors you will enjoy a significant reduction in outside noise and 99% of ultraviolet rays will be eliminated.

7. What about safety? Oftentimes shutters remain installed after a hurricane, blocking egress in the event of a fire. Also, during a hurricane closed shutters block outside light and visibility.

8. Consider what happens if a shutter fails. If glass behind the shutter breaks, possibly resulting in a catastrophic building failure due to wind, rain and flood damage.

9. Leaving the shutters up while gone may invite potential burglars due to the property looking vacant and vulnerable to theft.

What makes these windows and doors energy efficient?

These windows are made with impact glass consisting of a strong, laminated interlayer bonded between two panes of annealed, heat-strengthened, or tempered glass. When struck by a forceful object the glass resists shattering. When impact glass is struck, it may chack, but stays together as one piece to prevent water from intruding into the home. Several elements make a window or door impact rated, such as frame and sashes engineering, the type of impact glass used, the quality of weather stripping, and type of low emission coating on the impact glass. non-impact windows are not energy efficient because they provide little insulation. You can lower your utility bill by installing impact-resistant products. adding the low-e option on impact windows and doors can further improve energy efficiency by drastically reducing the transfer of heat in and out of the home.

Can impact windows and doors reduce exterior noise?

Absolutely. Impact windows and doors can provide a substantial noise reduction. Impact windows and doors are an ideal solution if you have concerns about noise pollution around your property like traffic, loud neighbors, schools/ parks.

Why should I use hurricane resistant impact windows and doors instead of boarding up or shuttering my home?

Hurricane impact products do not require shuttering. this saves you money, labor and precious time when a severe storm is approaching. by having a turnkey solution, hurricane impact windows and doors give you peace of mind whether you are at home or away when the big storm comes. It also safeguards your home against burglary and theft, noise reduction and ultraviolet rays from the sun. In addition, many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner insurance when you install code-approved hurricane resistant impact windows and doors in your home.

How can I be sure the impact windows and doors I am purchasing are impact resistant products?

It is the Notice Of Acceptance (NOA) issued by the Miami-Dade County that certifies a product as impact resistant. This product approval also provides a label for the product that designates how long the certification will last. The NOA also provides information on dimensions, parts, materials, accessories, and installation guidelines for a product. You can download a copy of the NOA from the Miami-DadeCounty website. Impact resistant products also come with a sticker adhered to in window or door frame with the product approval information on it. It is important to remember not to remove these stickers because they are useful to identify your products and to qualify for insurance discounts.

Can I receive a tax credit for installing impact windows and doors?

You may qualify for tax credits if they are available. You will need to contact your accountant to discuss if your eligible for any credits.

Can I receive a wind mitigation discount on my insurance?

Yes, if all openings are protected. Typically to qualify for wind mitigation discounts, all openings must have HVHZ protection.


Contact your insurance provider for more information.


What styles of windows and doors are available?

ALCO Windows and Doors carries a full line of window and door products for residential and commercial properties. In windows, we offer single hung, double hung, picture/fixed, casement, horizontal rolling, awning/project out, arched windows, and a variety of custom shaped windows are available.

With doors, we offer sliding glass doors, french doors, entry doors, metal doors, steel doors, fiberglass doors, bifold doors, traditional and custom garage doors. Automatic entry doors and commercial doors options are available as well.

How do I get a permit from the building department to have the work done and who handles the process?

With a full staff, ALCO Windows and Doors will expedite the permitting process for you. We will have your permit in hand prior to your window and door fabrication being complete.

How long will it take to receive the impact window and door products once the contract is signed?

Once the contract is signed, within the following week, our installation supervisor will come out to remeasure to confirm the measurements and order details. When that is accomplished, the order will be submitted to the manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer and the time of year, lead times can be 6-8 weeks or 10-12 weeks. This variance depends on the how close we are to hurricane season and the influx of orders that the manufacturers have in the pipeline. There are unforeseen conditions that may occur which can affect our lead times.

What is included in your Lifetime Guarantee?

Our Exclusive Lifetime Guarantee includes:

  • Lifetime Waterproofing Guarantee
  • Screen Repair Guarantee*
  • Lifetime Home Inspection
  • Lifetime Glass Replacement Service**

* Screen Repair includes mesh only. Screens must be dropped off at ALCO Windows & Doors.

** Glass not included for Replacement Service. Only Installation. Exclusive to Buyer.

CGC1526312 Rev 10/20

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we offer financing through Ygrene, Renew, and Greensky. 

Read more about your options here:


How long does installation take?

Depending on the number of openings, an installation may take from 1- 5 days. After the installation is complete, we call for final inspection and the process is complete.

Do you replace the wood bucks when reinstalling new impact windows and doors?

Yes, our highly skilled installation team will replace the wood bucks around each opening to meet the Florida building code requirements.

Do you remove shutter tracks on all windows and doors for tradition shutter panels and fill in all holes left behind?

Yes, if requested, we will remove the hurricane shutters (accordion and traditional), fill the holes and haul them away for you. Painting is NOT INCLUDED in this service.

Are the installers your employees or subcontracted out to another company?

ALCO Windows and Doors employs our own skilled installation team who are trained and supervised to execute the installation with quality workmanship by our installation supervisor.