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PRODUCT: Impact Windows

LOCATION: North Miami Beach

CLIENT: Nichole Mena


Nichole is a homeowner in North Miami Beach who needed to upgrade her windows. North Miami Beach is a densely populated city located in South Florida. The region is prone to frequent hurricanes.

Her new home came with outdated windows that needed replacing with quality materials that could provide a wide array of benefits.



After purchasing her property, she knew the first update needed to be replacing the old-style Florida jalousie windows. They leaked air conditioning, didn’t open and close easily, and provided little filtering of outside noise. In addition, they posed a security hazard due to their dated, thin construction.

With a home in a high-traffic area prone to frequent hurricanes, Nichole knew she needed to find a solution to protect her new property investment.


“We had a scare when a hurricane was headed straight through Miami and it actually veered. So we were very lucky. Right after that happened, we decided to pull the plug and get impact windows installed.”


Nichole decided to go with the low-priced option and hired an installer to retrofit impact windows in her home. After dealing with infrequent communication and multiple delays, she decided to start over with a different installer.



Nichole relied on a referral from a trusted friend and decided to check out Alco Windows & Doors online. She was impressed with their website’s resources, and she quickly became educated on everything about impact windows. In addition, the company had many positive reviews on sites like Yelp! And Google.

After conducting research online, Nichole scheduled an in-person consultation. The entire process was informative and straight-forward, and Nichole decided to hire Alco to complete the impact window installation.


“Their sales team was there to answer all of our questions, and made us feel at ease and comfortable. They were very respectful of our time. So at that point, it was a no-brainer to choose Alco.”



Nichole is happy to report that her new impact windows have improved her life in several ways, including:

  • Increased Safety “After going through Hurricane Andrew and the fear of losing all our possessions, I feel secure and safe in our home.”
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal “The windows are beautiful! I can actually see my beautiful view outside, which I couldn’t before.”
  • Decreased Noise “There’s a great reduction in noise from traffic and neighbors, which was a big problem before.”
  • Energy Savings “Our electricity bill went down because our AC wasn’t leaking out anymore.”
  • Simple Maintenance“These windows are very easy to clean. I can open and close them very smoothly too.”


“Overall, they’re just a great purchase and Ivery, very happy with them.”


At Alco Windows and Doors, we know that your home is your biggest investment. We recognize that protecting your family and property is a priority for you and many other Floridians. We offer solutions focused on what you need because your satisfaction comes first.

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