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It’s no secret that in Florida, we experience mother nature’s ill temper all too often. And if you’ve been on the receiving end of that anger, you’ll know that taking precautions against it can be one of the smartest moves you can make.

Sure, you can board up your house before every potential storm, but that’s putting too much time and effort in every season to retrofit your home to suit reoccurring conditions. Last-minute decision-making can be a dangerous situation when a storm approaches your home. So, installing hurricane windows and doors represents a permanent solution to the ever-present problem of bad weather by outfitting your house with a durable, long-lasting armor that is both stylish and strong.

We understand the concern you have when visitors enter your home and conduct major renovations to your sacred space.

Our thorough, methodical process places you at the forefront of the entire experience. Here’s what you can expect when partnering with Alco Windows and Doors for impact product installation. Our 3-Step promise ensures both peace of mind and the assurance of a job well done.

1) Protecting Your Family

From the first day we show up on-site, our team takes those extra steps to ensure you and your loved ones remain safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. Steps we take include:

  • A "hello" and a smile when we visit your home each day, along with introductions of our entire team so you know who we are.
  • The wearing of masks while inside your home and around your family members.
  • Practicing professional behavior (no strong language, no smoking, or drinking on your property.

2) Protecting Your Property

Our service professionals take specific preparation steps to ensure your property’s safety during installation, including:

  • Wearing floor savers over footwear to make sure dust or debris doesn’t ruin the flooring.
  • Laying down protective coverings over flooring and work furniture near work areas to prevent damage and dust accumulation.
  • Using vacuums to collect dust as we work, including during any drilling or demolition tasks.
  • Setting up protective screens to keep non-renovation areas from being exposed to outdoor elements.
  • Full clean-up of work areas once a project is completed.

3) Guaranteeing Your Investment

Alco’s commitment to our work doesn’t end when the last screw is drilled. We ensure you are completely satisfied with our work by:

  • Handling all communications with regulatory authorities and ensuring ordinances and inspections get completed.
  • Scheduling an Alco representative to conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure your project was completed to exact specifications. If something’s not right, we’ll come back and fix it. We only close the project when you’re 100% satisfied.

Our mission is to provide superior impact product installations for all our valued customers. We do this by providing quality service at the best prices, with a commitment to transparency and trustworthiness. We can’t wait to work with you, neighbor!

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